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What is the Florida Bail Fund?

The Florida Bail Fund @ the Florida Justice Center is a new effort to combat mass incarceration and to give everyone an equal chance in the justice system.  Those that are detained pretrial are handicapped at every step of the court process from arrest to sentencing.

We pay bail for those who cannot afford it.

Since bail is returned upon the conclusion of a case, it is recycled and reused indefinitely to help more people.  100% of donations to the Florida Bail Fund go directly to paying bail with no administrative costs.

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Why Bail People Out?

  • Reunite Families

    80% of women who are in jail awaiting trial are mothers. Most of these women are primary caregivers.

  • Presumption of Innocence

    Everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty. This is not true of those held in jail, who lose out in every step of the process.

  • Racial & Economic Inequality

    The poor and people of color are far less likely to be released on reasonable bond. As a result they are more often found guilty and receive longer sentences.

  • False Convictions

    Individuals are forced into accepting plea deals for crimes they did not commit just to get home to their families.


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Less Likely to have Case Dismissed

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More Likely to be Found Guilty

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More Likely to Receive a Jail or Prison Sentence

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Longer Sentence


We are not dealing with criminals.

We are dealing with men and women who have been arrested but not convicted.

The Constitution provides everyone with the presumption of innocence.  That means that we have to assume everyone in jail is innocent until a judge or jury decide they are guilty.

  • 64% of those in county jail have not been convicted of a crime.
  • The median sentence for those with less than one day in detention was 120 days.  For those with more than two months of detention, it jumps to 730 days.
  • Not all of our clients will be found not guilty.
  • Most of our clients, however, will receive much shorter sentences because of this fund.  Their sentence will be equal to those similarly situated.


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In Broward County, the average person will spend 29 days in jail at a daily cost of $107.71.

Cost Comparison
(29 Days - Broward County)

County Jail
Day Reporting and Reentry
Pretrial Supervision

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